The Identity transformation can be used to create a GenericModel representation from a given input model. This can result in a performance gain, if multiple targets and/or transformations are applied on the input model, which may result in expensive operations – like accessing an Enterprise Architect project file. If a GenericModel is created and used for all subsequent processing (via targets and transformations), such operations only need to be performed once. Afterwards, the information is available in memory.


The following sections specifiy the configuration options for the Identitiy transformation.


The class for the Identity transformation implementation is de.interactive_instruments.ShapeChange.Transformation.Identity.IdentityTransform.


At the moment, no parameters are defined for the Identity transformation.


At the moment, no rules are defined for the Identity transformation.

Map Entries

At the moment, no map entries are defined for the Identity transformation.

Sample Configuration

<Transformer class="de.interactive_instruments.ShapeChange.Transformation.Identity.IdentityTransform" mode="enabled" id="GenMod"/>