ShapeChange is a Java tool that takes application schemas constructed according to ISO 19109 from a UML model and derives implementation representations.

The most commonly used target representation is XML Schema and the following standardised encoding rules are supported:

  • GML 3.2 encoding rule for GML application schemas
  • GML 3.3 extensions
  • ISO/TS 19139 encoding rule
  • INSPIRE encoding rule

In addition to the generation of XML Schema documents, the generation of Schematron documents from OCL constrains in the UML model is supported.

Other target representations include feature catalogues in DOCX and HTML, RDF schemas, and code list dictionaries in GML and SKOS.

These targets and the associated encoding rules are described here.

ShapeChange directly accesses Enterprise Architect models via their Java API. It can also read XMI 1.0. Information on these models and the UML profile supported by ShapeChange can be found here.

Information on installation and use of the ShapeChange tool can be found here.

The source code of ShapeChange is available under the GNU General Public License.