First Order Logic Constraint Parser



NOTE: Since v2.2.0, this transformation is deprecated. Parsing and validating constraints has become common transformer postprocessing functionality (for further details, see here).

Parses First Order Logic expressions from constraints contained in the model. This is especially useful if constraints have been loaded via the ConstraintLoader transformation (which does not parse the constraints).

NOTE: at the moment parsing is only supported for FOL constraints of type ‘SBVR’.


The following sections specifiy the configuration options for this transformation.


The class for this transformer implementation is de.interactive_instruments.ShapeChange.Transformation.Constraints.FolConstraintParsing.


At the moment no specific parameters are defined for this transformation.


At the moment no specific rules are defined for this transformation.

Map Entries

At the moment no map entries are defined for this transformation.

Sample Configuration

  input="step2" id="step3" mode="enabled" />