Descriptor Transformer

(since v2.4.0)


This transformation processes the descriptors of model elements. A descriptor represents a specific piece of descriptive information of a model element, for example its definition, description, alias, or primary code. A list of well-known descriptors, together with instructions to identify their sources in the model, is available here.


The following sections specifiy the configuration options for this transformation.


The class for this transformer implementation is de.interactive_instruments.ShapeChange.Transformation.Descriptors.DescriptorTransformer



(available since v2.4.0)

Updates descriptors of specific model elements. The <DescriptorValue> elements contained in the advanced process configuration of the transformation define which descriptors of which model elements are updated.

Each <DescriptorValue> element contains the name of a specific descriptor. The element also contains attributes to select the model elements for which the descriptor shall be updated. If the element has values, they will be set for the descriptor of the selected model elements (replacing any previously stored values). If no values are defined, the descriptor will be removed on selected model elements.


At the moment no parameters are defined for this transformation.

Map Entries

At the moment no map entries are defined for this transformation.

Advanced Process Configuration

The <advancedProcessConfigurations> element inside of the <Transformer> element is used to define descriptor values for specific model elements. The information items defined by a <DescriptorValue> element are documented in the following sections.

Descriptor Name

Explanation: Name of a desciptor. The list of well-known descriptors is available here.

Type: string

Multiplicity: 1 (required)

Default value: none


Explanation: A <DescriptorValue> element can contain zero or more string values. For each string, a language tag can be set.

Type: structured type (for further details, see the ShapeChange configuration XML Schema and the sample configuration)

Multiplicity: 0..* (optional)

Default value: none

Model Element Selection

A number of attributes are used to select relevant model elements. They are the same as described here.

Sample Configuration

   <DescriptorValue descriptorName="alias" modelElementType="Property"
   <DescriptorValue descriptorName="definition" modelElementType="Property"
   <DescriptorValue descriptorName="description" modelElementType="Property"
   <DescriptorValue descriptorName="description" modelElementType="Class" modelElementName="Building">
     <LangString>This building ...</LangString>
     <LangString lang="de">Dieses Gebäude ...</LangString>
   <ProcessRuleSet name="trf">
    <rule name="rule-trf-all-updateDescriptors"/>