Executing ShapeChange

ShapeChange is executed on the command line by calling

java -jar ShapeChange-X.Y.Z.jar (options) modelfile

with ‘X.Y.Z’ replaced with the version identifier of the ShapeChange distribution you are using and the following options:

-c cfgfile

The location of the main configuration file. XInclude is supported and can be used to modularise the confguration. The default is https://shapechange.net/resources/config/minimal.xml.

-x val rep

If a configuration file contains a parameter with a value of ‘val’ then the value will be replaced by ‘rep’. This option may occur multiple times. Example: -x ‘$dir$’ ‘./result/xsd’ would replace any parameter values ‘$dir$’ in the configuration file with ‘./result/xsd’.


Invokes the user interface.


A help screen.