The ShapeChange tool was originally written by interactive instruments GmbH, and expanded by The MITRE Corporation and the Danish Geodata Agency.

Contributors are:

Clemens Porteleinteractive instruments GmbH
Johannes Echterhoffinteractive instruments GmbH
Ellen D. BadgleyThe MITRE Corporation
Paul BirkelThe MITRE Corporation
Reinhard Erstlinginteractive instruments GmbH
Remi Koblenzerinteractive instruments GmbH
Stefan Olkinteractive instruments GmbH
Jörg Schmittwilkeninteractive instruments GmbH
Heidi VanparysDanish Geodata Agency

ShapeChange is made available under the terms of the General Public License (GPL).

Package de.interactive_instruments.ShapeChange and its subpackages:
© 2002-2019, interactive instruments GmbH

Package us.mitre.ShapeChange and its subpackages:
© 2007-2013, The MITRE Corporation.