CityGML Transformer

(since v2.4.0)


This transformation supports rules to convert an application schema into a CityGML ADE.



The class for this transformer implementation is de.interactive_instruments.ShapeChange.Transformation.CityGML.CityGMLTransformer



(since v2.4.0)

Feature types for which a mapping to a CityGML type is defined (either via tagged value cityGmlTargetType or via map entries of the transformer configuration – both options use QNames to identify a CityGML type) receive that type as new supertype. All other feature types receive the CityGML type _CityObject as new supertype. Any previously existing supertype is transformed to a mixin type.

NOTE: All CityGML type that are used as mapping targets must be available in the model. The _CityObject type is determined by looking for a type with according name that does NOT have stereotype <<ADEElement>>.

NOTE: This rule has originally been developed during OGC Testbed 13, to derive a CityGML ADE from an application schema. For further details, see the OGC NAS Profiling Engineering Report (OGC document number 17-020r1), chapter 9.


At the moment no parameters are defined for this transformation.

Map Entries

At the moment no map entries are defined for this transformation.

Advanced Process Configuration

This transformation does not make use of the advanced process configuration facility.

Sample Configuration

  id="TRF_CREATE_ADE" input="IDENTITY" mode="enabled">
   <ProcessRuleSet name="trf">
    <rule name="rule-trf-CityGML-createADE"/>
   <ProcessMapEntry type="AircraftHangar" targetType="bldg:Building"
   <ProcessMapEntry type="Apron" targetType="tran:TrafficArea" rule="rule-trf-CityGML-createADE"/>
   <ProcessMapEntry type="Bench" targetType="frn:CityFurniture" rule="rule-trf-CityGML-createADE"/>
   <ProcessMapEntry type="Billboard" targetType="frn:CityFurniture" rule="rule-trf-CityGML-createADE"/>
   <ProcessMapEntry type="Building" targetType="bldg:Building" rule="rule-trf-CityGML-createADE"/>