Enterprise Architect models

Enterprise Architect (EA) is a product of SparxSystems Ltd, based in Creswick, Australia, and is a software modeling tool designed primarily for UML modeling.

The ShapeChange EA compatibility was developed on EA versions 7.0 and 7.1, and runs unchanged for later versions. ShapeChange has been used with EA up to version 12.0.

A UML model stored in an EA project (EAP file) can be processed by ShapeChange, using the Java API of EA. There is no need to export the UML model to some format before processing the UML model.

To process Enterprise Architect models with ShapeChange, copy the file SSJavaCom.dll located in <EA installation folder>/Java API to <Windows folder>/System32 (on a 32-bit machine) or to <Windows folder>/SysWOW64 (on a 64-bit machine). On the 64-bit machine use the java.exe in the <Windows folder>/SysWOW64 folder since Enterprise Architect is a 32-bit application.