Get Started

To start using ShapeChange, follow these steps:

1 Verify that you are using the Java Runtime Environment 1.6 or later.
2 Download ShapeChange (all platforms; version 2.3.0; 16 January 2017) Release Notes
3 Unpack the ZIP archive. An overview of the contents of the archive can be found hereUse a path without whitespace in filenames as the XSLT processor currently used by ShapeChange cannot handle such path names properly.
4 If you plan to process Enterprise Architect models, copy SSJavaCom.dll located in <EA installation folder>/Java API to <Windows folder>/System32 (on a 32-bit machine) or to <Windows folder>/SysWOW64 (on a 64-bit machine). On a 64-bit machine, verify that you are using a 32-bit version of Java (e.g. using the command java -version") since Enterprise Architect is a 32-bit application. Enterprise Architect 7.5 or later is required."

ShapeChange is now ready to be used.

To test the installation, open a shell / DOS box and make the unzipped folder your current directory. Execute

java -jar ShapeChange-2.3.0.jar -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -c

You should now see the following information message:

I Application schema found, package name: TestSchema, target namespace:

After the execution is complete, you will find

  • Log messages are written to test/xmi/log.xml
  • The GML application schema has been created as test/xmi/INPUT/test.xsd
  • The HTML feature catalogue has been created as test/xmi/INPUT/test.html

To test the access to Enterprise Architect models (note that this test requires Enterprise Architect and can be executed only on Windows), execute

java -jar ShapeChange-2.3.0.jar -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -c

You should see the same results as in the XMI test, except that the results are written into the folder test/ea.

Sample reference results can be found at and

Configurations for the use of ShapeChange with some public models (INSPIRE, AFIS-ALKIS-ATKIS) are made available on the examples page.

More information about executing and configuring ShapeChange is in the linked subpages.

If you notice errors when executing the tests, have a look at some of the typical problems in setting up ShapeChange.