On this page we will reference over time public examples of the application of ShapeChange by communities. This is work in progress.


INSPIRE is a European directive aiming at creating a European Union spatial data infrastructure. The intent is to enable the sharing of environmental spatial information among public sector organisations and better facilitate public access to spatial information across Europe. INSPIRE covers 34 spatial data themes.

The INSPIRE application schemas can be downloaded as Enterprise Architect models from this page of the INSPIRE website:


Sample ShapeChange configurations for deriving the GML application schemas, feature catalogues and code list dictionaries from the Enterprise Architect models:

  • Sample configuration for the Enterprise Architect model for the approved Implementing Rules (Annex I spatial data themes)
  • Sample configuration for the Enterprise Architect model for the draft data specifications and Implementing Rules (Annex II+III spatial data themes), version 3.0rc2


The AFIS-ALKIS-ATKIS model specifies an application schema for the data maintained by the German Mapping and Cadastral Agencies. It covers the spatial reference (AFIS), real estate cadastre (ALKIS) and geotopography (ATKIS). More information on the model and the model itself is available on the website of the AdV (in German).

The AFIS-ALKIS-ATKIS application schema is modelled according to ISO 19109. Up to the current version 6.0 the model was maintained in Rational Rose, version 7.0 uses Enterprise Architect. The model in version 6.0.1 is also available in Enterprise Architect.

Several tools have been developed as ShapeChange extensions:

  • AAA-Katalogtool to derive ISO-19110-based feature catalogues in HTML, RTF (Microsoft Word), XML and CSV. The HTML version includes hyperlinks within the feature catalogue.
  • AAA-Profiltool to manage local profiles of the AFIS-ALKIS-ATKIS application schema. The profiles can be stored in separate text files (file extension “.3ap”) or in tagged values in the model. The primary purpose of this capability is to allow the state surveys to document the profile of the complete application schema in use within their state. The profiles can be used by the AAA-Katalogtool to restrict feature catalogues to a profile.
  • NAS-Tool to convert the conceptual schema to an implementation model for data exchange and derive a GML 3.2 application schema, the NAS, using the standard encoding rule. As the conversion to the implementation model changes the UML model, this tool should be executed on a copy of the AFIS-ALKIS-ATKIS model.

Download AAA-Tools (Version 1.2.0, 13.06.2019)

The AAA-Tools are available as a package including ShapeChange, the AFIS-ALKIS-ATKIS model, ShapeChange configuration files and documentation (in German).